A brief overview of the activities

The Public Procurement Bureau was established as a state administration body within the Ministry of Finance and is the central body responsible for coordinating and monitoring the public procurement system in the Republic of Macedonia.

The main objectives of the PPB include the provision of a coherent legal framework that is harmonized with the EU public procurement legislation, the provision of a framework for the uniform application of regulations in the field of public procurement and the development of the capacity to implement the procedures for awarding public procurement contracts on a horizontal basis level with the contracting authorities in the Republic of Macedonia. The main functions of the Public Procurement Bureau are the following:

  • Regulatory function – preparation of normative acts in the field of public procurement and their submission for adoption by the Parliament or the Government;
  • Advisory function – issuance of opinions on the provisions and implementation of the PPL; advising contracting authorities and economic operators; developing models for standard tender documentation;
  • Trainings – organizing and conducting trainings for civil servants and other persons; determining the minimum requirements for professional qualifications for public procurement officers; developing guidelines and manuals;
  • Monitoring function – collection, processing and analysis of public procurement data and preparation of statistical reports; maintaining and updating records of awarded public procurement contracts; supervision over the legality of public procurement procedures; submitting an annual report to the Government on its activities in the functioning of the public procurement system;
  • Operational-development function – developing, managing and working with the Electronic System for Public Procurement;
  • International relations – cooperation with international institutions and other foreign entities for matters related to the development of the public procurement system.

In accordance with Article 45 of the Law on Public Procurement (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no. 24/19), the Bureau performs the following tasks:

  • initiates proposals for the adoption of legal and other acts in the field of public procurement to the Minister of Finance,
  • monitors and analyzes the implementation of this law and other public procurement regulations, the functioning of the public procurement system and initiates changes to improve the public procurement system,
  • provides opinions regarding the provisions and application of this law and makes them available to the public on its website,
  • prepares manuals and brochures on public procurement rules,
  • gives an opinion on the fulfillment of the conditions in the negotiation procedure without publication of an announcement in accordance with the conditions of this law,
  • performs administrative control in accordance with the conditions of this law,
  • prepares instructions as internal guidelines for the internal organization of PPB when performing administrative control,
  • manages, develops and promotes the Electronic System for Public Procurement (hereinafter: the Electronic System for Public Procurement) and the electronic market for small public procurement,
  • develops new electronic tools to increase the transparency, efficiency and economy of public procurement procedures,
  • manages the database of public procurement procedures and makes it available to the public through ESJN,
  • processes and analyzes public procurement data and prepares statistical reports,
  • immediately informs the contractual authorities and, if necessary, the competent authorities about the detected irregularities from the notifications received,
  • prevents the use of ESJN by users who do not fulfill their obligations towards ESJN in accordance with the provisions of this law,
  • undertakes corrective actions in the event of a technical error of the ESJN, a crash or unavailability of the ESJN and following a decision of the State Commission for Public Procurement Complaints,
  • removes the published negative reference of an economic operator based on a decision of a competent authority or at the request of the contracting authority accompanied by a statement from the person who issued the negative reference given to a competent authority for a technical error,
  • analyzes the reasoning of the contracting authority in accordance with Article 31 paragraph (6) and Article 42 paragraph (3) of this law and if they are not founded, points out to the contracting authority the omission committed,
  • proposes to the Minister of Finance a code of conduct in the implementation of public procurements,
  • prepares models of tender documentation and models of forms for the procedures regulated by this law,
  • establishes minimum requirements for professional qualifications for persons who perform professional work for public procurement,
  • organizes and conducts training for the education of officials and other professionals in relation to public procurement,
  • draw up instructions as internal guidelines for the preparation and implementation of education on public procurement and the training of trainers on public procurement which are published on its website,
  • cooperates with contracting authorities from Article 9 of this law and with economic operators, professional research institutions, associations or with experts in certain areas, in connection with public procurement,
  • cooperates with international institutions