Aneta Dаneva Mostrova

Annetа Daneva Mostrova, Phd, was born on August 7, 1968 in Stip. She graduated from the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” – Skopje,  judicial direction. She passed the bar exam and exam for insurance agent in the field of industrial property. In 2010, she defended her master thesis on “The administrative procedures in the public procurement system”, at the faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” – Skopje, and in 2016 she defended her doctoral dissertation: “Legal aspects of the application of the basic principles of the system of public procurement and its importance for the efficiency of the system” at the faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” – Skopje.

At the beginning of her career, Daneva Mostrova volunteered at the Basic court Skopje, after that was employed in the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, from where she was engaged as an advisor to the Ministry of Economy, for establishing the first Foreign Investment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.

In the period between 2005- 2006, she became director of the first and newly established Public Procurement Bureau within the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia. In that period she also was a Chairman of the Working Group on Public Procurement (in the harmonization of national legislation on public procurement with the EU part) and national representative in the European Commission in the working group on public procurement.

From 2007, she has been working as an attorney in her law office “Mostrova” in Skopje.

Daneva Mostrova completed a number of seminars and trainings in the country and abroad, including specialist course in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, “Policies for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan” and in Rome, Italy, “Law in entrepreneurship and investment. “

In 2009 she worked as a senior legal expert in Pristina, Kosovo, of the Project on improvement of public procurement financed by the European Commission.

Daneva Mostrova participated in many international and national conferences and seminars, as a participant and lecturer. Actively participates and teaches in college lectures and seminars in the field of public procurement and developments in criminal procedure in the country. She also has completed training on the new Law on Criminal Procedure, organized by the American Bar Association and has participated in a study visit to the United States for the application of the Criminal Procedure Code, organized by the program of prosecution and judiciary, within the US Embassy in Macedonia.

Published papers:

  • “The system of public procurement”, Bulletin of the Ministry of Finance, 2005;
  • “Foundations of the public procurement system”, KDS, 2011, a book published in Macedonian and Albanian language;
  • “Public procurement”, MCIC, 2011, a book published in Macedonian, Albanian and English;
  •  “Legal aspects of the institutional structure of the Council and Bureau and their role in the functioning of public procurement system”, “Lawyer” 2015;
  • Reviewer of papers:
    “Public Procurement Reform in the Western Balkans” and “Public Procurement in Kosovo” by author D-r Ilaz Duli, published by BPS Pristina.