PPB has always devoted great attention to education and training of procurement professionals. Strengthening the capacity of contracting authorities and economic operators on the correct application of the Law on Public Procurement and other regulations is a major priority of our work. This is confirmed by the recommendations of the European Commission Country Progress Reports.

This education is mostly intended for people in the contracting authorities that work on the preparation of procurement procedures, tender documentation, but also for those who are often part of the committees on public procurement. In the private sector, this education will be useful to individuals who are preparing bids, and the decision makers. This is part of our efforts to professionalize public procurement, which should result in quality procedures and competent decisions when deciding how to spend taxpayers’ money.

The amendments to the Law on Public Procurement of 2008, provides systematic approach to education, with a comprehensive training program that was prescribed by the Rules for the program, the manner of conducting the exam, the fee, as well as form and content of the certificate .

This year the Bureau continued with its ambitious plan for education with more terms that are predicted to maintain teaching and exams. Education for contracting authorities and economic operators is intense and is implemented for a period of 5 days of 7 hours a day. For this purpose, the Bureau has a modern classroom in its premisses.